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Get to Know Evette

At Evette, we don’t simply connect Veterinarians to clinics; we provide a customized, tailor-made solution to everyone we partner with. From relief work to traveling, our dedicated team is here to work with veterinarian personnel to create the lifestyle that works for you based on your needs. Whether you are a DVM or vet tech, let Evette help you get the most out of your career and get the work-life balance you deserve.

What We Do 

Evette is a one-stop shop for anything a veterinarian would need to have a satisfying career. We specialize in pairing DVMs and vet techs looking for relief or travel work with quality clinics. Our team then takes it a step further by providing a full-service concierge service to ensure your continued success.


When you sign on with Evette, you get much more than just a relief work schedule that fits your needs – we provide a wide range of benefits. Our DVMs and vet techs receive a guaranteed annual salary to ensure you get paid regardless of if there are enough shifts or if a clinic must cancel a shift. In fact, Evette is the only veterinarian staffing firm that offers a Guaranteed Salary Program. Our veterinarians and vet techs also get medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401(k) matching, a license reimbursement, and stock options. You can also expect flexible scheduling, paid time off, and loyalty retention bonuses. Those who enter our travel program will also receive travel stipends.

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Personal Concierge Service

As the only relief staffing firm with a full-service concierge program, our Evette team tailors its approach to every DVM and vet tech. That means we get to know each person to understand their lives and how to serve them best. After you sign on, our veterinarians and vet techs are assigned to an individual staffer who is their primary point of contact. Our dedicated staffers will learn about their work preferences, likes, and dislikes. Whether they’re interested in traveling or need Fridays off to spend time with the kids, being transparent with your staffer will help them create a schedule unique to you and your lifestyle.

Why Choose Evette?

Evette is fully dedicated to providing you with a work-life balance custom to your needs. As a matter of fact, it’s a top priority for us when working with you – something most staffing firms can’t say. We pride ourselves on the moments and experiences DVMs and vet techs are able to enjoy when they work with us.

dr jawad with his family on a beach

Dr. Jawad has worked as a relief DVM at Evette since 2020. Relief work has allowed Dr. Jawad to have the personal life he’s always wanted and the career of his dreams. Since joining the Evette team, Dr. Jawad has been able to take some much-deserved time off for two weeks to enjoy his family vacation to Mexico. “Through Evette and their dedication to work-life balance, I have been able to attend family functions that I would never have been able to experience in my previous jobs.”

When partnering with Evette, your possibilities are endless. We provide you with peace of mind and an unwavering commitment to service, so you can make the lifestyle change you want. At Evette, we are here for you 24/7. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and have you loving your work-life balance again. 

Start a career with Evette today and get back to living your life. Contact us to get started.