Travel Vets

There for Every Mile and Every Step

Become a partner for a flexible and rewarding career full of adventure. You'll get a guaranteed salary and personalized support that travels with you, supporting your journey at every turn.

All the perks. All the flexibility you need.

Get paid, guaranteed

Receive a guaranteed salary (yes, you read that right). When clinics cancel on you, we don't.

Where Employee Perks Meet Relief Flexibility

Full-time veterinary professionals are eligible for medical/dental/vision coverage, 401K matching, PTO, and a rewards system.

Take control of your schedule

We'll partner with you to create a schedule that fits your life, not the other way around.

On your side

From listening to your needs to breaking up with a clinic for you, advocating for you is our priority.

Navigate the world of relief work with ease

Get a customized schedule

Set your own availability and location choices with your personal concierge manager. We book around your schedule, preferences, and restrictions.

Get paid on time. Every time.

We guarantee an annual salary, regardless of the availability of shifts.

Focus on work. Just work.

Provide patient care while we take care of scheduling, clinic communications, and administrative tasks.

Build Your
Dream Life

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When I became a travel veterinarian with Evette a year ago, I cut ties with the traditional and embraced a whole new lifestyle. This year, I wintered in Arizona, spent a month in Colorado with family, and now I'm heading up to Portland for my next assignment. I love the variety of clinics where I work, the amount of free time I have, and the fact that I don't have to worry about health insurance, business licenses, or negotiating with clinics. Evette makes it easy!

Travel DVM

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