Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a cancellation policy? If so, what is the policy

Yes - we have a cancellation policy of 30 days or more.

How can I submit payment?

There are many options - choose the option that works for you! You can choose to pay via ACH, Credit Card or Check.

For the introduction of a veterinarian or technician, what should we expect before their first day?

We send a copy of the qualifying practicing documents required to practice at your clinic (license, insurance, etc.) and contact information the employee can be reached at.

What is the fee to sign up?

There is no fee to sign up with us. Our search for coverage is always at no cost.

How do I submit clinic needs? Do you have an online portal I can use?

As a partnered clinic, you will coordinate scheduling with our concierge team. You may submit your needs directly to your concierge team member via phone, text, or email.

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Can I work more shifts than my agreement states?

You’re welcome to pick up additional shifts at any time, if they’re available.

How and when can I expect to be paid?

You can expect to be paid weekly, via direct deposit for the previous week’s work. Our work week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

Do I get a radiology badge?

The hospital you are scheduled at will provide a badge for you.

Do I have to clock in and out of my shift?

You will not have to clock in and out - just show up for your scheduled shift and we’ll do the rest.


How long do I have to work for you?

While our agreements have standard periods of duration, we understand life happens and accept a notice of 30 days with your letter of resignation when the unexpected occurs.

If I work for EVETTE, will I be required to sign a non-compete?

No, you will never be asked by Evette to sign a non-compete.

What makes working for EVETTE different than other veterinary staffing agencies?

With our tiered rewards, you get a host of specialty rewards. Further enhancing your career with us.

Is it possible to pick my schedule?

You will have a personalized concierge staffer who will build you your ideal schedule based off your preferences and personal schedule.

What type of veterinarians do you hire?

We hire both part-time and full-time veterinarians (W2 or 1099), offering 12+ shifts a month for full-time and 8-11 shifts a month for part-time, all based on your scheduling preferences. We welcome all skillsets within small animal General Practice/Urgent Care/Emergency capacity!

Am I “locked in” to a binding contract?

All hires sign a 12-month agreement. If you don’t wish to finish out your agreement, all we ask for is a 30-day notice and that you finish out your remaining scheduled shifts.

Do you pay overtime?

Of course. Any shift longer than the allocated time is considered overtime and will be paid as such.

Surgeries: Will I have to do them?

Only if you’re comfortable performing them. We set you up with clinics based on your skill set.

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