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Going Above and Beyond: A Tale of Unwavering Instincts and Compassion

At Evette, our relief veterinarians enjoy flexible schedules. Yet, there are moments that transcend routine demands. In these instances, our relief vets exemplify extraordinary dedication, extending their efforts beyond the norm to safeguard the well-being of beloved pets. Their unwavering commitment to going above and beyond underscores the depth of care they provide for our furry companions.

It was just another day when a routine grooming appointment turned into a life-threatening emergency for a three-year-old Pomeranian. The dog suffered a heat stroke, arriving at the clinic in a critical condition—cyanotic and rapidly deteriorating with a staggering body temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit. The situation demanded immediate action.

Evette relief DVM, Dr. Karlewicz, alongside the clinic team, recognized the gravity of the circumstance. The dog's airway was inflamed, and non-cardiogenic edema had set in, presenting a dire need for ventilator support. However, the absence of emergency equipment meant the team had to act swiftly and get creative with the limited resources available. Their quick thinking led to a race against time. Securing emergency oxygen became paramount, as the dog's stability hinged on this crucial intervention. The urgency was palpable as they navigated through challenges, knowing the pup's life depended on their resourcefulness and expertise.

With careful maneuvering and unwavering determination, they managed to stabilize the dog enough for transport to the hospital, ensuring the vital ventilator support could be initiated. Despite the hurdles faced en route, the dog was placed on a ventilator upon arrival, offering a fighting chance for recovery.

vet providing care to dog in back seat of a car

The following morning brought an unexpected but heartwarming turn of events. The resilient Pomeranian exhibited signs of improvement, extubating herself and astonishing everyone by starting to bark—a sign of returning vigor and vitality. Later that day, against all odds, the dog joyfully returned home, much to the relief and delight of everyone involved.

The clinic's gratitude and admiration for Dr. Karlewicz and the team resonated profoundly. Their tireless efforts, resilience, and quick decision-making proved instrumental in saving the beloved pet. The clinic's spokesperson expressed heartfelt appreciation, acknowledging Dr. Karlewicz's indispensable role: "It was an amazing, long day, but totally worth it. We couldn't have done it without Dr. Karlewicz. She truly is an important part of our team. We love her dearly!"

This heartwarming tale encapsulates the essence of veterinary medicine—where passion, dedication, and expertise converge to safeguard the well-being of our cherished animal companions. Dr. Karlewicz's commitment to going above and beyond underscores the selfless nature of those devoted to healing and nurturing our furry friends. After all of this, Dr. Karlewicz didn’t realize she stayed two and a half hours over her scheduled shift. Heroes persist beyond the ticking clock, and with Evette, Dr. Karlwicz not only received double the pay but also a reward far beyond just puppy kisses – the heartwarming pride in knowing a beloved animal was saved. 

At Evette, our DVMs are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all animals and have the experience needed to deal with these emergency situations. Whether you are in need of professional relief coverage or are a DVM looking to make a switch to be in control of your schedule, contact us today.