For Travel Veterinary Professionals

Travel with Evette

Want to travel while loving your career? Turn to Evette! With clinics all over the U.S. and Canada, you can live an adventurous life exploring new cities and states where you are licensed. Our travel program allows for greater flexibility to meet your wish list. Whether you want to stay weeks to months at a time or even seasonally, our team is here to give you relief options wherever you are and wherever you want to go, when you want to go!

Evette’s Travel Program

Our travel program is designed with you in mind. Those with multiple licenses can get specific on the states they want to travel to - allowing us to create the perfect schedule based on their preferences. And… if you are certified in a larger state like Texas or California, you can travel to different cities while being part of our program.

With our expansive travel program, our DVMs are still part of our Guaranteed Salary Program at a higher rate and receive flight reimbursements and travel stipends. Plus, all our full-time travel Veterinarians receive the standard Evette benefits like health benefits, 401K contributions, C.E. reimbursement, paid time off, and much more!

What Makes the Perfect Travel DVM?

Other than having one or more licenses, the perfect DVM for this program is someone who can roll with the punches and easily adjust to not only being at a new clinic but also a new state or city. We urge our travel Veterinarians to treat each new place as a time to learn the new area and explore. And while being a free-spirit is a plus, DVMs also have the option to stay in one place for extended periods or travel as consistently as they please.

Dr. Lund’s Travel Experience

We caught up with Dr. Lund to hear about her experience as one of our travel Veterinarians. Dr. Lund is taking full advantage of Evette's Travel relief program and sharing how her life has improved since joining Evette.

"I joined Evette in 2020 after leaving what I thought would be my forever job. I didn't know what I wanted to do next, and I didn't feel ready to commit to a new clinic. Luckily, I found Evette and a whole new way to practice. Working relief is so easy with Evette handling the finances, contracts, and scheduling. Angie, the staffing manager who does my scheduling, is extremely helpful, responsive and organized. Plus, I now have more time off to travel and enjoy things outside of work.

I've traveled from Oregon to Alamogordo, NM, for my assignments! My husband drives, and our two little dogs snooze on my lap. We stayed with his parents on the Oregon coast and visited with friends in northern California and southern Utah on our way to see my mom in Albuquerque before we headed down to sunny Alamogordo. We live in our fifth wheel, so we have really embraced the freedom and adventure that working relief can afford. Life is good and changing every day!"

The Evette Difference

Whether you want to explore the U.S., visit family and friends, or travel seasonally to enjoy your summer or winter holidays, consider our travel program and make the most of your career. See what makes our travel program unique and how to make it work for your lifestyle by contacting us today.